b'TABLE OF CONTENTS PARTNERSLEVEL PARTNER SPONSOR BUSINESS CATEGORY PAGE #FOUNDINGClub Car Golf Cars 7DIAMONDDIAMOND Turf Star Western Golf Course Equipment 8RUBY Dudum Financial Financial Services, Insurance 9 RUBY E-Z-GO Golf Cars, Accessories, GPS10 SystemsRUBY Spreck Energy Solar Energy 11 SAPPHIRE GIS from Epic Insurance 12 SAPPHIRE InterWest InsuranceInsurance 13 ServicesSAPPHIRE McMahon Group Planning Services, Architecture,14 TechnologySAPPHIRE PHX Architecture Architectural Services, Design 15 EMERALD Avendra Clubs All-Inclusive Procurement Services 16 EMERALD Bottomline Consulting &Accounting and Financial Service 17 Results GroupEMERALD Club Benchmarking Capital Planning, Club Software18 EMERALD ClubProcureProcurement Service 19 EMERALD Club Support Club Software, Club Technology,20 Computer TechnologyEMERALD EA Photography Photography 21 EMERALD General Networks Club Technology, Computers 22 EMERALD GP Golf InsuranceInsurance 23 SolutionsEMERALD Jonas Club Software Club Software, Technology 24 EMERALD Octavia Wealth Advisors Financial Services 25 EMERALD Petrinovich Pugh & Co Accounting Services, Audit & Tax 26 EMERALD Pipeline Agency Club Marketing, Membership 27 EMERALD Royal Cup Coffee and Tea Beverage Service, Coffee, Tea 28 3'