b'EMERALD PARTNERBottomline Consulting & Results GroupCONTACTKelly Dulaney 2351 Sunset Blvd, Suite 170(916) 257-6556 Rocklin, CA [email protected] Accounting & Financial Services, Protective Partitions for Golf CartsABOUTBottomline Partners Group Alliance is one of the greatest decisions you may ever make in regards to the operating expenses of your club. We have years of experience recovering refunds on billing errors along with reducing operation expenses in the following areas: Uniform and Linen Services, Utilities, Electricity, Garbage and Recycling, Facility Supplies, Telephone Service, Copiers, and most other club expenses.We will do what your team doesnt have enough time to do. We solve the problem of not having the time and resources to nd billing errors and ensure you are getting the best value pricing from your vendors and suppliers. 17'